Any Connection Between What You Eat and Your Spiritual Evolution?
April 18th, 2010

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Dear John,

You strike me as a very spiritual person. Do you think there is a connection between what a person eats and their spiritual evolution? I know this is a big topic, but can you give me a concise statement I can meditate on?


Dear Taylor,

If you want to progress on a spiritual path, you must challenge your actions — including what you eat — as to whether they are authentic expressions of the love and spirit within you. You must ask whether what you are doing bespeaks compassion or indifference to the suffering of others. As long as you act — and eat — without compassion, you remain mired in the realm of separateness, loneliness, and frustration, because you have not yet given voice, with your life, to the great heart within you. May we all learn to cherish and respect life,


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