How do I Reconcile my Desire for Wealth?
April 17th, 2010

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Dear John,

I am enjoying your site and book. I am wanting to know how to reconcile my tremendous desire for wealth accumulation with making the kind of lifestyle shift you talk about in your book. I appreciate your feedback very much.


Dear Radames,

Thanks for your note. I think the problem is when the pursuit of wealth becomes an end in itself, or a compensation for some inner emptiness or fear. If you can focus on what you want the wealth for, what it would enable you to do or be, that is a positive step. Then you can find other ways, and not be trapped in your desire for wealth, to accomplish your goals. Having money is a wonderful thing, if you aren’t swallowed up by it. The sadness for me is that I’ve seen a lot of people make money more important than relationships, than health, than the wellbeing of the Earth and the many forms of life it makes possible.

There’s nothing wrong with having money and there’s nothing wrong with wanting it. But if it becomes an obsession, if it becomes TOO important, than you lose perspective and your priorities get all messed up. The people who to my eyes are the richest are not necessarily those with the most money. They are those with the most joy in life, the most meaningful relationships, and those who have learned how to give their gifts and use their abilities for the greater good of us all.

Hang in there. I love your honesty.


Dear John,

I appreciate your response and feedback very much. It is so true that most great fortunes have been made not by focusing on the money but the creation itself. I need to make that shift. I wish you tremendous happiness, great health, joy and fun in your life. Once again, thanks.


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