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Reclaiming Our Health: Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Sources of True Healing

Reclaiming Our Health

John Robbins

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“I have been asked what has motivated me to take on the medical establishment, to challenge its biases, and to expose its abuses of power. My answer is that I see how much needless harm is being done, and how much better things could be. I see how much healthier and happier people can be when they are educated and able to act wisely and make their own choices regarding their bodies. Freedom of choice is essential to the American way of life, and I believe that people ought to have a right to do with their bodies what they want to do, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else. There are many conditions that can best be treated by standard medicine, including trauma, medical and surgical emergencies, bacterial infections, and certain mechanical difficulties. But there are many other conditions, including most forms of cancer, viral infections, allergic and autoimmune disorders, and most chronic degenerative diseases, that are more effectively handled with alternative approaches. To my eyes, the monopolization of health care by the medical-pharmaceutical-complex not only violates our rights to health freedom. It drains us of our potential for wholeness and healing by slighting the power of the human body to restore itself, and by rejecting the value of natural medicine.

I believe it is possible that the current medical crisis, as dire as it is, can be an entry point for transformation. The situation holds vast opportunity as well as danger. The movement to reclaim our bodies and our lives may in fact represent the most powerful grassroots movement that has yet emerged to challenge the underlying paradigm of our society, the basic philosophical assumptions that have us marching, in the name of progress and control, toward ecological disaster and social chaos.”

—— from the book Reclaiming Our Health

Acclaim for Reclaiming Our Health

“John Robbins takes on the medical establishment in this rousing book. As a champion of women and children, Robbins writes with passion about the destructive influence of patriarchal medicine and points the way to a future medicine that integrates the best of conventional and alternative therapies — and that honors nature as the source of all healing.”

Andrew Weil,,
Healthy Aging

“Reclaiming Our Health is excellent. It is beautifully written, and an outstanding example of patient empowerment.”

Bernie Siegel, M.D.
author, Love, Medicine and Miracles

“John Robbins reminds us that true healing is the return of the memory of wholeness. Gorgeously written, Reclaiming Our Health embraces healing with a perspective that includes us as individuals, societies, and the universe. A phenomenal book.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D.
author, Perfect Healing

“Reclaiming Our Health is a bombshell of a book that points the way toward a amore effective, humane, and life-affirming health-care system:”

Larry Dossey,, Healing Words

“A stunning masterpiece. Reclaiming Our Health is a must-read.”

Joseph Pizzorno,
M.D.President Emeritus, Bastyr University

“John Robbins has brilliantly blown the whistle on the detrimental medical practices that have almost mindlessly evolved during this century. His is a call for us to reclaim responsibility for our own health, a responsibility — he makes clear — much too important to be left to medical doctors.”

John Naisbitt
author, Megatrends

“Reclaiming Our Health is a powerfully written ‘must-read’ book for anyone who has a body. As one of the great teachers of our time, John Robbins shows us how to reclaim power over our health and healing.”

Barbara De Angelis
author, How To Make Love All The Time

“In medicine, as elsewhere, a renaissance in higher consciousness is beginning to take hold in America, and herein lies our greatest hope for the healing and renewal of the Western world. John Robbins is one of the foremost evocateurs of the new American renaissance. In Reclaiming our Health, he helps us clear a path of illumination through a medical fog which has lasted for decades.”

From the introduction by Marianne Williamson
author, A Return To Love

“In this wonderful new book, John Robbins meticulously documents how and why the factors associated with true healing are often missing from the so-called health-care systems of our country. In a highly entertaining, personal, and accurate fashion, Robbins explains the history of our health-care system. This riveting story now needs to reach the widest possible audience if Americans are to awaken from the trance that is holding the state of their health hostage. Frankly, I’d make this book required reading for everyone in the country who has any decision-making power whatsoever about health. It’s time that everyone in this country knew the truth about health and healing that is presented so eloquently and convincingly in Reclaiming Our Health.”

Christiane Northrup, M.D.
author, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“John Robbins has done it again! The author of Diet For A New America has courageously taken on the medical establishment. The section on cancer treatment is particularly excellent.”

Ralph Moss, Ph. D.
author, The Cancer Industry

“What Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring did for the environmental movement, John Robbins’ Reclaiming Our Health does for health care.”

Dana Ullman
author, Understanding Homeopathy

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