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The Great Turning by David C. Korten

The Great Turning

David C Korten

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In his classic international bestseller, When Corporations Rule The World, David Korten exposed the destructive and oppressive nature of the global corporate economy and helped spark a global resistance movement. Now, he shows that the problem runs deeper than corporation domination – with far greater consequences.

Here, Korten argues that corporate consolidation of power is merely one manifestation of what he calls “empire”: the organization of society through hierarchy and violence that has largely held sway for the past 5,000 years. Empire has always resulted in misery for the many and fortune for the few, but now it threatens the very future of humanity. Korten points to global terrorism, climate change, and rising poverty as just a few of the signs that the burdens of Empire now exceed what people and planet will bear.

“Here is the book we’ve been waiting for. We are not doomed to domination and suicidal competition. We can choose another story. This is the ‘Great Turning.’”

Joanna Macy
author of Coming Back to Life

“A masterpiece! Fascinating, compelling, wonderfully readable, and broad reaching in its arc of history and significance, The Great Turning will keep you up nights reading, fill your notebooks with insights, and give you the ammunition to win the water cooler wars.”

Thom Hartmann
Air America talk show host and author

“Imagine a world guided by the deeply held values that most Americans share. The Great Turning has the power to turn our country, and the world, to this more positive course.”

Jim Hightower
columnist, radio host, and author
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