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30 Days: An Original Series

30 Days – Season 1

Morgan Spurlock

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Created by Morgan Spurlock, the Academy Award nominated writer, director and star of the hit film Super Size Me, comes 30 Days, the intelligent and informative TV show that dares you to “take a walk in someone else’s shoes.” Explore some of America’s most pressing social issues by following the lives of ordinary people who agree to live well outside their comfort zone for 30 days. In one episode, a former athlete tries to reverse the aging process by going on a controversial anti-aging regimen and is shocked by the impact it has upon his marriage, career, and mental and physical-well-being. In another episode, Morgan Spurlock and his fiancée move to the Midwest to try to make ends meet while earning minimum wage, with the situation soon going from difficult to nearly impossible. In another episode, a devout Christian goes to live, share customs, and worship with a Muslim family in a largely Islamic community, where he learns a lot about faith, prejudice, and ultimately, himself. In yet another episode, a homophobic young man goes to live and work in San Francisco’s largely gay Castro District, where he experiences what it’s like to live as a member of a misunderstood minority that still elicits feelings of fear and hatred from many Americans. All told, there are six different episodes on this DVD, all of the profoundly moving, inspiring, intelligent, and hugely entertaining.

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